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                      WHY CHOOSE KIDSHIFIVE? 

Are you thinking where you can buy baby girls dresses or baby boy t-shirts online? Wondering if toys are important for child development? Can not find swaddle blankets?


Kidshifive is a kids online clothing store dealing in all natural, organic and handloom products for babies and kids. The brand not only caters to the exigency of the newborn babies and growing infants, but also to the essential queries for new parents through journals.


The brand’s ideology lies in “Giving back to the Environment” by using eco friendly fabrics and dyes in the baby products by making the products environmentally friendly and safe for the babies to use on a regular basis. With an assorted range of baby products from baby blankets to handmade baby quilts, pillows for bed to pillows for babies, soft toys for kids and kids clothes for all age groups. 


The baby products are made with 100% premium quality cotton fabrics are acquired organically or woven and knitted by artisans in handlooms.The exclusive engraving of motifs and embellishment in diverse baby products are all hand made thus reducing the use of  hazardous colorant which could be detrimental to the infant’s health. 


So what are you waiting for? Kidshifive is worth every penny! 


Happy shopping young mommies and daddies!! 🙂